About Us

Here, I share my tips on leading a healthy, happy, productive and inspired life ❤

I truly believe in a holistic approach. I believe in radiating your beauty from the inside.

Naturally, I love Pinterest. And Instagram. Come say hello!

After four years living in London I made a big lifestyle shift, and moved to the countryside where I now live with my boyfriend Oli. I wrote about my experience leaving London here, and for one of my favourite sites The Everygirltoo.


Since 2011 I have been blogging, and after graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2013 I went full-time with my site.

You can expect new blog content a handful of times a week on The Elgin Avenue.

As of March 2017 I am the co-host, alongside my great friend Ella, of Let’s Discuss Podcast; a show all about life, love, work and wellbeing.

You can check out my range of motivational quote posters over in the Monica Beatrice Shop!

And finally, I am also the co-founder, alongside Laura Turner of Hero, of Big Small Business, a conference and community for small businesses and entrepreneurs. After our first conference in April 2017, we are taking a pause before launching our second conference in 2019.


My whole journey as a blogger and a twenty something girl has been a little unorthodox (I mean I still don’t know what to put down as my profession on a form!) but I do know that I am on a constant journey of learning, and I hope that you and I can enjoy our journeys alongside one another.

If you have any questions at all about the blog, or anything you’d like to reach out to me about, please do get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you ❤💕

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!